Custom Pantry Labels
Custom Pantry Labels

Custom Pantry Labels

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Needing to label an unusual herb, spice or pantry item, or simply after something that doesn't come in any of our standard packs?

Simply select the font and colour you'd like, and add your item name into the custom text field above.

  • Decal length will vary depending on the length of the named item.
  • Where possible, font sizes will be matched to pantry or herb and spice label packs (herb and spices are a smaller font size*)
  • All decals will be sent as one line of text, but can be cut between words and placed on top of one another when labelling if required to fit your container.


Our decals are cut from high quality permanent adhesive vinyl, however due to the heat sensitive nature of the adhesive, once applied they are recommended for hand wash only.

* Please note, smaller sizes are NOT available for fonts "skinny" and "delorean".

All decals come with application instructions.

Price is for decals only, containers not included.