Hand Drawn Flower Wall Decals
Hand Drawn Flower Wall Decals

Hand Drawn Flower Wall Decals

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Our wall decals are a great idea for a fast and cost effective way to decorate.

Use them in your kid’s bedroom, playroom, living space, or anywhere that takes your fancy.

Decals are a more efficient and affordable alternative to painting or hanging wallpaper. You get the same effect as stencils without the mess or hassle.

Made from high quality vinyl especially designed for interior walls they can be removed without causing damage, making them perfect for home owners or renters.

Apply as few or as many as you like, simply follow the included instructions to place them on the walls individually in any pattern that you choose.

Each hand drawn flower decal varies in size, with the tallest being 13.8cm and the widest being 6cm

Pack includes:

35x Hand drawn flower decals (7 variants, 5 of each)

Instructions for application